Episode 45 - What You Need to Know About Aruba

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We are planning to visit Aruba and Curacao in March, and as part of our trip planning process, we try to talk to people who are already familiar with the location and get all their tips on where to stay and especially where we should eat.  In this episode, we invited Tammy, a friend of ours who has visited Aruba several times to this epsisdoe to give us her insider recommendations.

During our conversation, Tammy mentions that she loves Aruba and has been there more times than she can count (10-12 she thinks). She says that Aruba is always a great place to vacation because it's outside the hurricane belt, and the weather is always nice. Although there is a rainy season from October to January, the storms pass quickly due to the island's desert climate. Tammy suggests visiting Aruba during the last two weeks of August and the first week of October, which are her favorite times to go.

When asked about her favorite things to do in Aruba, Tammy mentioned that there is so much to do, and the food is amazing. She recommends trying out the restaurants at Palm Beach, where there are plenty of options for every taste and budget. She also suggests going on a sunset cruise, which is a romantic and relaxing way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Aruba. For adventure seekers, Tammy recommends taking a UTV tour, which is an off-road adventure that takes you to some of the island's most beautiful and secluded spots.

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Our conversation with Tammy provides a wealth of information for us and for anyone planning a trip to Aruba. From insider tips on the best places to stay and eat, to recommendations on exciting activities to do, this episode of the show is a must-listen for travel enthusiasts. We can't wait to go!

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