If you've heard the podcast, read the blog, or seen our Instagram, then you have already heard about so many of these experiences. 

Here's some of the experiences & tours we have taken and where you can book them on Viator (where we always book ours). We wanted a place where you can find all of them. So go ahead and bookmark this page and we will update it as experience new ones and new destinations!

Quick Disclosure:  Some of these links are affiliate links which means when you click the link to and purchase something from this page, it won't cost you more but we may receive a commission for sharing these.  Thank you!  Read our Disclosure here.

Viator Tours & Experiences We Recommend



We have been using Viator for years.  When we took our 6 week trip to Europe we booked ALL our cruise excursions using Viator and it saved us 50% off what the cruise was charging with a guarantee to get back to the ship in time.  There are free cancellations on most reservations which gives you peace of mind when plans change or when you find a different tour.  Melissa has also done tours by herself through Viator in Portugal while Scott was working and it worked out great.  She was able to explore additional areas of Portugal and meet new people thanks to Viator.  

Here are the Tours and Experiences we have personally taken


Amalfi Coast

Day Trip from Naples


Riviera Maya

Mexico Lindo Cooking Class 

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