Episode 64 - The Truth Behind Why We Often Choose International Travel Over Domestic

We were recently at an event where, of course, the topic of travel came up.  The husband asked us what our favorite domestic destination was.  We both looked at each other with a blank look and for the first time when talking about travel, we were speechless.  Don’t get us wrong, we were able to recover and rattle off some great places but it caused us to take a step back and have a discussion about why we often choose international travel over traveling within the U.S.

In this episode, we spend some time exploring why we choose to travel internationally when there is so much to do right here in the USA.  Join us as we give a behind-the-scenes peek into how we think about planning for and choosing travel destinations and uncover some interesting things we have discovered about traveling both domestically and internationally. And, of course, we will leave you with some places to consider and new places we want to visit within the U.S. too.

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