Episode 63 - Exploring the UK Beyond London: Our Top 5 Must-See UK Destinations

In this episode, we want to highlight some options if you have been considering a trip to the UK, but don’t want to spend all of your time in London. There are so many options for travelers from across the world, and you will learn that there are just as many options outside of London that you are going to want to add into your travel destination list.  Even if you live in the UK, this episode will definitely have you thinking about options for day and weekend trips to visit places that are straight from our recommendations.  So grab your train tickets and let’s get started.

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Get Driving and Transportation Guides for the UK from Tripiamo here. 

Tip- get combo tickets or yearly passes for Hampton Court Palace on Historic Royal Palaces or Stonehenge is part of English Heritagewhich also includes hundreds of other locations. We have signed up for both of these in the past when visiting mutiple locations in a single trip. There’s also an overseas visitor's pass for English Heritage. 

Also be sure to check out Macsadventure.com for some walking adventures in the Cotswolds, in the UK, and around the world.

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