Episode 56 - Discovering Curaçao

In this episode we explore the lesser-known Caribbean nation of Curaçao that is often overlooked by North American tourists. While many of you may be familiar with the blue liqueur that shares its name and is used in cocktails, few have had the opportunity to actually visit the place. Perhaps some of you have been on a cruise that stopped by, but never ventured out of the cruise port to truly experience the local people and culture. Today, we will share our recent Caribbean adventure, including where we stayed, where we ate, and what we did. So, pack your snorkeling gear and get ready to join us on our journey to Curaçao.

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We forgot to mention that you'll need to complete an Immigration Form Prior to Arrival in Curacao.  It only takes a few minutes and you can either print it out or have it saved on your phone when you go through Immigration.  We had to fill it out a 2nd time when flying back through Curacao from Aruba to return home as well.  It is easy and free so don't pay a 3rd party service to complete it for you.  Here's the link.

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